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La nostra terra, la nostra storia, il nostro futuro.
Our land, our history, our future.
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Podere Cianfanelli

“We must look back by linking the knowledge of the past to modern studies and new technologies to improve, without forgetting the past, because it’s where we come from. “


Podere Cianfanelli is inspired by David Cianfanelli’s dream to take the fullest advantage of his native region, with its devotion to viniculture. Raised in close contact with nature, David has always had a passion for the land, valuing it, cultivating it, and finally making it his life’s work. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and great-grandfather, he has inherited their knowledge and taken up the production of organic wines. Rediscovering the qualities of ancient grapes such as Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera, Canaiolo e Colorino, he has combined modern techniques of production and cultivation with traditional ones, fully respecting the properties of the land. From this the first wine, Cianfanello, was born, followed, with the replanting of half a hectare of Colorino e Malvasia Nera, by the second, Ritorno, reviving ancient flavours in a modern key.


The land

Podere Cianfanelli consists of 2.5 hectares of vines and 850 olive trees making a total of 6 hectares The vines are on a hill from 300 metres above sea level in the commune of Greve in Chianti, facing South-West, with excellent exposure to sunlight during the day and a good temperature level at night. The earth is a mix of clay and galestro which allows a perfect balance between drainage and water retention, and gives the grape excellent mineral quality. The production per hectare is low, about 5000 kg of grapes. The methods of cultivation are guyot and cordone speronato.

Our philosophy

At Podere Cianfanelli, every step in the processi is organic, from fertilizing to bottling. Only natural yeasts are used in the winery, and the use of sulphites is kept to a minimum. Podere Cianfanelli does not use barriques but 10-hectolitre oak barrels.

Wine according to tradition: the history of a territory.



Cianfanello is a pure Sangiovese that fully reflects the elegance and power of this vine, aiming at a balance of alcohol and acidity. The harvest generally starts towards the beginning of September. On arrival in the winery the stalks are carefully removed from the grapes before they are pressed. During fermentation and maceration the must is slowly transformed into wine; at this stage extreme care is needed to preserve freshness and flavour, without neglecting colour extraction and tannin management: in fact the skins need to be in contact with the must and stirred every day for at least 15-18 days. Once the skins and wine have been separated, preserving all its freshness and flavour, the malolactic fermentation is started in stainless steel tanks. This is followed by 12 months in barrels of French oak and 6 months in the bottle to complete the refining process.

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese


Ritorno represents a perfect synergy of past and future, the age-old history of Tuscan vines with modern production methods. It was born from the redevelopment of a plot of about half a hectare with native Tuscan vines such as Malvasia Nera, Colorino and Canaiolo. The cultivation method used is guyot. The vineyard faces South-East, 350 metres above sea-level, and the earth is a mix of clay and galestro. After arrival in the winery skins and must remain in contact for 18-20 days. Once the wine is drawn, malolactic fermentation is started in stainless steel tanks where it remains for 12 months, to be then kept in the bottle for a further 6 months. Ritorno has a pleasant flavour of red fruit, with a touch of green tomatoes and peppers, and excellent fairly persistent acidity. It is highly drinkable and fresh.

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese


You can book a tour of Podere Cianfanelli. There are two options, both of which include a visit to the winery and the vineyard. You will be accompanied by David who will explain the different techniques for pruning and winemaking, and will include a few anecdotes about the land.

Bookable tours:


Includes the winery and the vineyard and tasting 3 wines (2 Chianti Classico and 1 IGT). Duration 1 hour, cost € 20 per person.


Includes the winery and the vineyard and tasting 4 wines (3 Chianti Classico and 1 IGT) with a light lunch. Duration 2 hours, cost € 30 per person.


    Via della Montagnola, 53, 50022 – Greve in Chianti (FI) – Italy
    Tel. 320 786 8327